Birth doula

My standard birth package includes: 

- free initial consultation 
- 2 antenatal visits, with unlimited support via phone/email/WhatsApp. 
- I will be on call 24/7 from 38-42* weeks until you have your baby safely in your arms. 
- 1 postnatal visit with support via phone/email/WhatsApp for 6 weeks after birth (further postnatal visits can be arranged if needed)

My role as your doula is to learn about you and your family and the type of birth experience you are hoping for.  We will arrange antenatal visits at a time that suits, and at these visits I will listen and learn about you, your hopes and any fears. From there we will work together as a team and I will be led by your needs. 

As your birth doula my goals are to ensure you feel safe and relaxed, to provide you with comfort and coping methods, to protect your birth space, to support you and your birth plan, and to provide support during your communications with the medical staff at your chosen birth place.

Fee: £600

My fees are lower than other doulas as I am a mentored doula working towards recognition with Doula UK. This means that you will benefit from having the wisdom and support of another, more experienced doula behind me.

*I will do everything I can to be with you if you go into labour outside of the scheduled "on call" times.

If you feel that having a doula is what you need but finances are a worry, do talk to me as I'm sure we can find a way. I am open to being paid or part-paid in kind as well as cash and I'm happy to be paid in instalments.