My training so far

Here is a list of some of the training courses and workshops I have taken so far. I am a big lover of learning so you can expect to see this list grow as I continue to learn new skills to broaden my knowledge, open my mind and benefit my clients. 

Developing Doulas Doula Preparation Course - 2019
Aromatherapy for Childbirth - 2019
Motherwarming Postnatal Remedies - 2019
3-Step Rewind Technique - 2019
Hypnosis for Birthworkers - 2020
Mother Blessing - 2020
Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course - 2020
LGBT+ Competency in Maternity - 2020
IPEN Placenta Remedies - 2020
Beyond Bea Baby Loss Awareness – 2020
Biomechanics for Birth – 2020